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Omi is

Omi is a term referring to the five key flavors essential to the Korean cooking. Sour, Bitter, Spicy, Sweet & Salty are these flavors.

Omi Korean Grill & Bar has been serving authentic Korean dishes since our beginning August 8. 2008 and invite you, your family and friends to join us.


Omi Korean Grill & Bar

Launched in 2008, Omi Korean Grill & Bar has been serving its customers for over 12 years up to date. With its quality service and premium taste, Omi has been derived by its motivation to serve Korean food at its finest. 

From hundreds of entrees and special menus to select from, Omi does its best to fully satisfy customers' expectations and experiences. 

It's popularity now has moved on from its Korean customers to customers who have never tried Korean food before. Start your own experience today by visiting Omi Korean Grill &  Bar! 


Omi-Carrollton Dinning Area (for BBQ on the cover of a kettle)


Omi-Carrollton Dinning Area

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